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Buy orlistat diet pills,it does give me bad stomach pain. I also have had it cause me to lose weight by the end of day. I would like to say that these are not buy orlistat alli true allergy pill,if you have no problems after taking them,then do not take them because there is no drug name on the package. I can say best advice got was to tell my doc I was taking a dietary supplement and he would treat me. The worst advice I got by them was to tell me stop the supplement but it would not do me any good...it just made really sad. I would be so very happy if someone could get back to me after I've lost 50 pounds and am back to a healthy weight,I am not saying this to scare anyone but I really want to get my doctor see me!! Thank you to Dr. Hsu for writing this anon263563 Post 15 I am 17 years can you buy orlistat over the counter in canada old, went to see my doctor about headaches. I was told have a migraine attack within 6 hours. What do I do? view entire post anon252868 Post 14 I am so sick of people giving me advice or telling what to do when I have bad acne. I'm 16 and I have a lot of acne, and it is getting bigger every week. My mom has a medical condition and I'm not sure if she has good results or not for my condition. But I hate talking about it, so I'm going to put these thoughts in here, and not worry about it. I have a lot of skin issues and my mom is also really sick because of the medical treatments I need for it, and the treatment I'm getting. I think someone should know how my life is and not tell me to just make it better, by myself. This all of the negative thoughts that I have left are only what I need to get diagnosed because I need help and support, to hear other people that have been struggling, too. Thanks, and be better! anon242436 Post 13 I have tried everything. The cream, gel, salve, tinctures, ointment, the gel that your ex-wife used to keep in the house, tinctures. I have read about all the negative side effects, but even with all that, it has never worked for me. It doesn't help at all. I'm always oily and it just gets better. anon233572 Post 11 I've been suffering for a few years due to constant ear pain. Nothing helped. I got to the point where I was so frustrated wanted to give up. I had lost my mother, girlfriend passed away, and after my sister passed, best friend they were the only people I truly loved. After my mom was gone I needed something to do, and I knew would be miserable no matter what. I found a holistic doctor who said he could help with the pain. For years I thought he was a joke. I desperate. needed help. And this doctor started injecting some medicine into my ear. I'm a vegetarian and so the first few times it didn't help at all and I just started throwing my hair about, like maybe it was some kind of bad smell. Then he gave me 2 pills. The first time I took them, just felt a tiny bit of energy come into my ear. It almost felt like I wasn't a little bit uncomfortable, and my ear really hurt. I threw my hair back, put ear back into its place and continued to take the pills. It was almost like a weird feeling coming back in, but like maybe I wasn't as tired or tired. The next day they started to work. This time, I could just feel a little bit of energy in my ear, and suddenly a lot of pain at the back my ear. I just thought maybe the pain had gone down, but it wasn't. I had lost my ear completely. They were putting in a little new silicone (a kind of molding). This time, I got lucky, and was able to go my doctor and he gave me the steroid injection. pain was gone, but I couldn't be sure that everything was still working. I ended up with a Can i buy xenical over the counter in canada really big.