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Strattera generic version of the molecule, which has been used to treat patients with rare disorders." The drug, which has only had a small clinical trial so far, is currently only available as an investigational medicine, which means the safety and efficacy of drug in humans needs to strattera generic price be confirmed by further studies. The company also hopes to start clinical trials Strattera 18mg $73.79 - $1.23 Per pill next year. "If you want to get the best results, strattera in generic form we need to see how it works in humans," said Dr Svetlana Ostrovskaya, the scientist at Institute of Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals who is heading the research team. The work on novel drug was originally undertaken by Professor Vladimir V. Dement, who was also involved in the development of experimental Ebola drugs made by the International Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) in Norway. The work described in paper, which was done collaboration with researchers at Russian biotech company Abras Labs, was funded by the Roskosmos-Rosgvardi Foundation.

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